Kristrún Sif

What to tell you…


My name is Kristrún Sif Hansen.

I use Gribba as my online nick name.


I was born on the 15th of February in 1978 in Iceland and grew up in a small town in the northwester region. I moved to Reykjavík when i was about seventeen years old. I lived there until I moved to Denmark at the age of 23, as a single mother.

I have used some of the time here in Denmark to get an education, I finished Multimedia Design in 2004 and finished my BA in Media science (BA Medievidenskab) in 2009. I continue to educate myself and at the moment I am taking courses at The Open University in creative writing and I will continue to find relevant courses to take on in the future.

Denmark has been great, I met one of my BEST friends here and found a place, I felt at home. But the best part was, of course, that I met my husband here and we have two boys together.

I have worked many different jobs, to me any job is worth working as the people I meet become an inspiration to me.

I like watching TV shows (but I am very picky when it comes to, what I watch). Despite the fact that I do have dyslexia, I love reading books (I am not so picky with books) but I also enjoy writing stories & poems.






I have had this fear to share my writing as it has felt so personal to me. My imagination and ideas have been something that I have kept inside for such a long time. I have only shared my writing with the few that are the closest to me and some of my writing I have shared online using my online name as my anonymity.


Now, I am going to face my fear and share my writing.


The first (short) stories I have shared here were written in 2000-2001 but the poems have been written since 1996 up to now. I will be sharing more resent stories & poems on here as I have started writing again.

I wrote the stories in Icelandic and have since translated them into English and I am working on translating them into Danish. Translating into Danish has not been as easy for me, as I would have liked, I feel the language is not as flexible, as I would like it to be, to fit my writing.


I do have dyslexia so if there is grammar or spelling that needs to be corrected, you are more than welcome to contact me as I appreciate any help to make my writing better.


Thank you for taking the time to read my work and I hope you enjoy my writing.

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